Retail is the largest private sector employer in British Columbia with over 300,000 people working in the retail sector, which generates some $74 billion in annual sales. Let’s amplify the Voice of Retail in British Columbia.

RCC has created a pre-written letter to make sure your elected officials understand the impact of retail on their community and how they can support our sector.

If we don’t speak up we can’t expect action.

All you need to do is:
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“Eco-fees” on products
The “extended producer responsibility” system will result in an annual cost of $1 billion to B.C.’s retailers and our customers, if we don’t take action now.

Provincial Sales Tax regime
Retail, along with a large segment of British Columbia businesses, views the existing B.C. Provincial Sales Tax regime as out-dated and inefficient. The current regime reduces the ability of B.C. business to operate competitively.

Employment standards legislation
Employment standards legislation increases costs and impacts operations while providing necessary protections for workers.

Retail sale of liquor
Our view is that permitting one grocery store to sell liquor while not allowing neighbouring stores the same opportunity amounts to interference in the private retail marketplace.

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